Thursday, February 25, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

Well yesterdays appointment wasn't too big of a waste although I wish I had all the answers. We did get quite a bit answered and some good news. The good is that her heart is sounding good, not worse which is what we had thought, so I was shocked. The bad is that we couldn't do the sedated ECHO since Lexi is still pretty sick. The ugly is that she is really sick, she hates life right now and wants to do nothing but cry and sleep. She won't eat, she won't drink....NOTHING!!! She is miserable and I am exhausted. She just wants to be held or lying in her bed and I feel so bad for her. We have gotten her nose suctioned out several times and it seems to help the most, but I am worried sick that she may end up being hospitalized. So we will head back down to Primary Childrens on March 24th for the sedated echo, please pray for her to be healthy and happy, I miss my baby girl!!!


  1. Your right...defintely could be worse, but too sad that she is still sick. Hang in there, she will be back to her happy little self soon enough, I am sure of it.

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